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Generation Y – Management Workshop
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For the first time in workplace history, 4 generations are co-existing in the work environment, and need to perform together. Gen Y (born between 1977 and 1994) is now occupying 38% of the Israeli workforce and displays a different set of priorities in life. They need more mentoring and coaching from their managers, a lot of feedback and attention, and an interactive advanced work environment that allows sharing of knowledge and tasks, and wants to move fast in the corporate ladder. Managers from other generations (Generation X, Baby boomers and Traditional) are frustrated by these gaps and sometimes see them as lack of commitment and lack of professionalism from their Gen-Y peers. The workshop offer both theoretical and practical solutions for cross-generational work relationships, greater productivity and retention of both employees and managers.

4 hours
1 - 20
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*It is possible to extend this workshop to a full day session at a discounted price. Please inquire for more details.
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Employee Appreciation, Learning, Communication, Leadership, Organizational Change, Cross-Team Communication
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English, Hebrew
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*Workshop Training Material: Each participant will receive a folder containing professional articles and operational tools used for implementing the workshop.