Tel Aviv
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Florentin Urban Graffiti Tour
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Get to know the city of Tel Aviv like never before.  Artists and advocacy groups have "tagged" the walls of Florentin with graffiti filled with meaning and artistic expression, and your tour guide will give you a glimpse of the inner meanings behind these public artworks.

1.5 hours
2 - 15
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Sneakers Required
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Team Bonding, Creativity
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English, Hebrew
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*Afternoons Only
Pitaya Expert Tip
Wear comfortable shoes, and come with an open mind. Even Tel Aviv natives will discover a part of the city they never knew! This graffiti tour is a great option for visiting colleagues as well.

Between Tel Aviv and Jaffa where dusty streets are dotted with carpentries and garages, lies the graffiti heaven. Striding through hidden side streets you will dive into a world rich with color, beauty and charm. Follow us into alleys where everything is covered by splashes of spray and color. This cross-cultural Tel Aviv tour exposes the enigmatic characters of local street artists. Each artist presents a personal culture conveying a unique visual message using the graffiti language. You will be in the heart of the hottest debates typical of the Israeli society. It is all there on the walls – visual dialogues on politics, temporary art and Israeli society. This experience will guide you along the evolution of local street artists. Plunging into this colourful world you will follow the steps street artists take. How they create visual messages, choose the ultimate technique and finally present brilliant art pieces. You will be amazed by the richness and complexity of Tel Aviv’s graffiti. This Tel Aviv tour links urban planning, history and evolution of local cultures. Experience the response authorities have towards street art and its effect on the local art community. During the cross-cultural Tel Aviv tour you will sense how Avant-guard and freedom of speech intertwine. More than all, you will learn the language of the graffiti art that definitely has what to say!