Jaffa, Tel Aviv
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5.5 hours
Mediterranean Flavors Workshop in Historic Jaffa Villa
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This executive chef workshop is a delight for all the senses.  Guests will enter into an artistic oasis in ancient Jaffa, and enjoy the surroundings of a beautiful artists' villa- complete with luxurious furniture, beautiful art, and a feast for the senses.  Discover Israeli food from a historic perspective, while enjoying the flavors of our history.

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Non Kosher, Soft Drinks, Coffee/Tea
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English, Hebrew
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Food, Soft Drinks, Facilitator, Breakfast, Lunch, Coffee & Tea, Snacks
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Pitaya Expert Tip
Be sure to come to this event hungry, and ready to take in beautiful views of Jaffa from the roof! Wonderful from out of town guests.
Previous Clients
Cisco, Intel, Google, Elscint, Bynet

You may choose from the following menus for your mediterranean meal experience.  Please choose 1 option:

Mediterranean meal: spicy sea fish fillet with Roasted Peppers, tomatoes and herbs; meatballs baked in the crust beef & Eggplant; Zucchini stuffed with meat and pine nuts on a bed of rice pilaf with yogurt hot sauce; Spinach Salad, asparagus and green beans; Mushroom salad; Delicate lemon cookies.
Moroccan meal: vegetable soup with couscous; tagine chicken in onion and prunes; lemon and olive loaf; Eggplant and tomato; Mashed pumpkin tahini; salad green chard Moroccan spices; Dried fruit cake.
Middle Eastern East: Turkish lentil soup; Market vegetables stuffed with rice, meat and dried fruit with pomegranate concentrate; Chard stuffed with lime sauce; Spinach Salad, barley and dried fruit; Pecan salad with radishes and rocket; malabi with strawberries, red grapefruit.
Local Israeli meal: fish in a tomato and lemon wedges; tagine chicken with herbs on Oriental rice; Beef meatballs with herbs in a tomato and mayonnaise; Quinoa salad with beets, black and Greens; Sweet potato appetizers with tahini; Caramel pear cake.
Desert stars dinner: Sinyeh of Denise, milling and pine nuts; Lebanese Tabbouleh Salad; Eggplant tahini; Maqluba: made of stew of chicken, meat, rice and cauliflower perfumed with spices Bedouins; hot Kanafeh with pistachios.
Middle Eastern Winter Meal: soup winter root vegetables and bones Brigade; Stuffed meatballs with cauliflower florets in a delicate sauce of Moroccan spices served over mashed cauliflower; Fatoush salad Lebanese; Lettuce salad with walnuts and cranberries; Winter Orange cake.