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This workshop offers companies a unique solution to empower their employees by giving them the opportunity to discover and share a personal value to their peers and if used correctly, ultimately creates a new dialogue between an organization and its employees. Overall, offers a lasting experience where people can bring authenticity to work.

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Employee Appreciation, Team Bonding, Innovation, Creativity, Cross-Team Communication
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English, Hebrew
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Pitaya Expert Tip
Creative teams will enjoy this activity for the innovative approach of creating a branded company culture
Previous Clients
Zell Program @ IDC, Heseg House, WeWork

Inspiration boosts productivity and creativity. We are big believers in daily inspirational reminders and in physically surrounding yourself with the things you love and desire. This helps you stay motivated, productive and on track. A song or a quote that strengthens us or reminds us of something positive can be super meaningful in the day to day routine. It can help bring focus, fun and energy into your day. We guide participants in choosing a word that helps them define where they want to go, what they want to strive for and what inspires them; so that they can bring their fullest potential with them to work every day.