Central Israel
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Catering: Chef Worthy Bites for Foodie Lovers
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Treat your team to a delightful experience of drinks, beer, soft beverages, and more!

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Kosher, Alcoholic Drinks, Soft Drinks
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Employee Appreciation, Team Bonding, Relaxation, Celebration
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Food, Facilitator, Snacks
Pitaya Expert Tip
Food is the way to a person's heart.. so sit back as the hard cooking work is done and your team enjoys their happy bellies in happy times.

Choose from 1, or more of the following catering stands: Hot Dogs Station:

  • Chorizos, Hot Dogs Sausages, Chicken Breast in Bun, with a variety of toppings and sauces
  • Spicy chilli, salads, and more!

Asian Station:  
  • A variety of special sushi rolls, with a combination of: fish (salmon, tuna, sea bream) and vegetables- prepared fresh in front of guests.
  • Handmade gyoza dumplings  filled with chicken and vegetables served on a traditional steam pot - also prepared in front of guests.

Mexican Fiesta station
  • Chilli con Carne (meat stew) served with white rice, herbs and Chilli seasoning and chopped green onions
  • Chilli con Karena (Mexican vegetarian casserole), served with white rice, herbs and Chili seasoning and chopped green onion
  • Tacos stuffed with chicken salad with chipotle, pepper, mango and herbs served with chilli and coriander.

Greek Station 
  • Mini chicken gyros on a fresh lafa bread with vegan tzatziki
  • Artichoke Aioli gyros on a lafa with fresh herbs mixture
  • Chicken and beef souvlaki on a lafa with a variety of sauces and fresh vegetables.

Mini Portobello American Burger station, 2 service personnel and 2 grill masters, on the Grill (preparing the the meat & Portobello mushrooms)
  • Offerings of : Mini Burger, and grilled Portobello
  • Salads: coleslaw salad, sauerkraut, pickles, chopped salad
  • Condiments: BBQ, ketchup, mayonnaise, spicy mayonnaise
  • Potato and Sweet Potato wedges (without deep frying).

Grilled Wings station: 
  • Wings in a Sweet Chili sauce
  • Wings in a delicious BBQ sauce
  • Crispy Chicken wings

Gourmet Pita Station:
  • Hot and fresh pita bread, with: fresh falafel | hand made eggplant (Sabich) | Shakshuka
  • Array of salads: White Cabbage , Red cabbage, Pickles, chopped salad, matbucha, eggplant with mayonnaise (babaganoush) , sauerkraut
  • Sauces:  Chimmichuri, garlic mayo, Sweet and sour chili, tahini, hummus, amba
  • Sweet Desserts in individual cups (Parve), baklava