Haifa, Israel
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6 Hours
Autumn in the Carmel Hills: Wine, Nature, and Foodie heaven
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Experience a fun day outdoors at a relaxing eco-farm. Enjoy the quiet wilderness with workshops and activities.

6 Hours
20 - 25
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Employee Appreciation, Team Bonding, Communication, Relaxation, Celebration
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Food, Soft Drinks, Facilitator, Breakfast, Lunch, Coffee & Tea, Snacks, Wine
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Unwind and relax as you enjoy this beautiful offsite in the Carmel Mountains. This unique eco-farm offers engaging outdoor activities & relaxing massage treatments to help you relax and unwind as you spend the day with your colleagues.  Including:  Breakfast, Lunch, Hike, Winery, Massage, (Bus Transportation.)

A sample itinerary is shown below:
10:00-12:00 Arrival to Italian style "Amphorae" winery in Zichron Yaakov for a beautiful breakfast, and a tour around the winery.  Fine wine tasting, and the history of the place will be shared.
11:00-12:30 A guided hike through the beautiful carmel forest.
12:30-14:30 Arrival at the beautiful eco farm on the top of the carmel mountain- with views to the forest and the sea.  The time for relaxation begins, with hammocks, shady searing areas, and music.  Massage therapists will have stations for every person to enjoy a relaxing massage. You may also choose from a pre-selected group workshop.
14:30- 15:00 Time to gather again and prepare for your private chef intro into foraging and cooking with the wild elements like fire, nature, and local meats/ fish.
15:00-16:00 Culinary experience, by one of Eyal Shani's disciples.  Fresh, locally- sourced food, and delicious wine are the cornerstones of this experience.  And to compliment the natural ingredients, you'll be surrounded by a breathtaking natural setting while you indulge in this burnt + raw experience  In this pastoral setting, you'll surely leave with a full stomach and happy heart!
16:30 Tea time and departure