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American Desserts Happy Hour
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Enjoy a delicious and beautifully designed American Desserts - with recipes & treats straight from America. These are goodies, cookies, and sweets that you won't find in your typical bakery- and will be sure to leave a lasting impression.  *These sweet treats are dairy.

Select your theme and special occasion and we'll prepare all these delicious sweets accordingly! (Popular themes include: New Years , 4th Of July , Spring / Summer Parties / Independence Day/ Halloween and more! Choose your favorite 3  American treats: (33 pcs from each) Total of 100 unique sweet treats Category A select 2:

  • Chocolate & Vanilla Cake Pops
  • Mini Brownie PB&J's
  • Mini Donuts with Glazing in Brand Colors / American Flag Colors
  • Mini Cupcakes (Chocolate /Vanilla / Red Velvet) Frosting in Brand Colors / American Flag colors
  • Cookie Dough Cups
Category B  Select 1:
  • Mini Rice Krispie Treats  (Brand Colors/ American Flag Colors / Themed Colors)
  • Mini Brownies/ Mini Blondies/ Mini Lemon Bars
  •  Mini Blueberry Muffins or salty muffins
  • Mini Vegan muffins (banana/apple)
  • Mini Bagels / Biscuits
  • Peanut Butter & Milk Chocolate Cookies
  • Mini Chocolate Chip Cookies
  • Meringue Kisses (Brand Colors /American Flag Colors)
This package includes delivery to Tel-Aviv