Central Israel
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4 hours
Catering: A Cheesy & Delicious Deli Feast
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Treat your team or office to a delicious experience of a local cheese deli in your own space!

4 hours
50 - 300
Menu Options
Kosher, Vegetarian, Alcoholic Drinks, Soft Drinks
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You may upgrade to a drinks bar as well. Inquire for more info*
Good For/Benefits
Employee Appreciation, Team Bonding, Relaxation, Celebration
Activity Includes
Food, Facilitator, Snacks
Pitaya Expert Tip
Food is the way to a person's heart.. so sit back as the hard cooking work is done and your team enjoys their happy bellies in happy times.

Dairy Deli Catering Stations:

  • Array of hard cheeses from Yaakob's meshek
  • Feta from goat's milk, Camembert, smoked Mozzerella, Roquefort, Spansh Goat cheese, Danbelo, Manchego cheese, Tom cheese
  • Soft cheeses:  cream cheese with garlic and dill, Fromage, Labaneh, Soft cream cheese
  • Salted Fish:  smoked salmon, red herring, white herring, pickled sardines from the local variety
  • Hand Made Spreads:  pesto, sundried tomato paste, Kalamata olive tapenade
  • Market fresh vegetables: peppers, cucumbers, carrots, cherry tomatoes, baby Arugula and more from the local & seasonal variety.
  • Boutique breads: rustic cranberry, walnut, kesten and olives.
  • Spice mountains: Atlantic salt, allspice, thyme, paprika, and seasonings.
  • Delicious Jams:  Strawberry and apricot.
  • A variety of fresh garnish and fruit:  cherry tomatoes, peppers, figs, and other seasonal varieties.
  • Parmesan bread sticks
  • Individual mini quiches in a variety of flavors.

Cheeses are served on wooden chopping boards at varying heights - with brown paper sheets - to create an elegant and inviting effect.